Microsoft Azure Certification: AZ-204 Study Guide

Microsoft Azure Certification: AZ-204 Study Guide

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Do you consider taking the AZ-204 exam to become an Azure Developer Associate? Don’t want to search all the sources alone? If yes, then don’t hesitate to join me on the journey. I will cover all the topics included in the exam in the following study guide. I will add the blog posts gradually.

The primary purpose of this AZ-204 Study Guide is to provide a human-readable entry point and overview of the topics included in the AZ-204 exam. When learning a new topic or technology, I always prefer to use some structured source pointing out the most critical issues and then eventually dig deeper into docs, etc.

I expect you to know what the exam is about. I won’t spend much time with the formalities because this guide should focus on the technical side. Since March 26, 2021, the exam focuses on the following domains.

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